Scottish Terrier Puppy – Aggression

Scottish Terrier Puppy – Aggression

This is about a Scottish Terrier puppy that I started working with when she was 9 weeks old because she was so aggressive she scared the veterinarian!

We used a combination of training techniques to teach the pup how to cope and exist in the world with humans. However, her overall stress level was so high that she couldn’t function without biting people. Puppy teeth are razor sharp and it was very frustrating for her family to have puppy teeth everywhere!

The Thundershirt was very effective in helping the puppy control her urge to bite/nip everything and everyone in her sites! The change in her behavior when she wore her Thundershirt and when didn’t was very dramatic – she was calm when it was on and a little devil dog when it was off!

For the first several months the pup wore the Thundershirt almost all the time. Now she only needs to wear it when company comes over or if she is going to be in other stressful situations.

In addition to using the Thundershirt we trained skills such as touch, leave it, sit, down, wait, and chill to help her learn bite inhibition and self-control. Now she is a sweet little girl and has normal puppy behavior.  What a difference the Thundershirt made during a very critical time!

Patricia Tirrell, CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Tellington TTouch® Practitioner in Training
The Confident Dog
Durham, NC