Thundershirt Training Center

Welcome to the newly launched ThunderShirt Training Center!  ThunderShirts are used successfully by thousands of trainers for a wide variety of issues…not just for thunder!  New contributions are coming in quickly, and soon you will be able to find a wide range of content contributed by leading trainers across the country.  The Training Center will offer suggested training programs and case summaries to help with many common, and some not-so-common, problems encountered by dog owners. Learn from the experts!

A Word About Positive versus Negative Training Methods

ThunderShirt Company supports POSITIVE BASED training programs. ThunderShirts are completely safe and comfortable and the vast majority of dogs LIKE having them on. Dogs are incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and loving companions, and almost all dogs WANT to make their owners happy. It is unnecessary and counter-productive to dominate a dog, just as it unnecessary and counter-productive to dominate a child. Negative methods often lead to new behavioral problems and definitely lead to dogs with higher anxiety levels. You can have a dog that fears you and obeys; or you can have a dog that loves you, wants to be around you, and obeys. Fear is not required for a dog to learn good manners. Dog owners get to choose which path to take with their dogs. Have a happy, healthy companion, and choose positive-based methods!

How to Use the ThunderShirt Training Center

To browse the Training Programs or Case Summaries, just click on a link below or select a category from the left-bar navigation.  Or to find a specific subject, trainer, or key word, simply use the search box on the left-bar.  For example, to find content related to separation anxiety, just enter “separation” in the search box.

Training Programs

ThunderShirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs, and this calming effect can be very beneficial as part of many training programs. A calmer dog is more able to focus on her surroundings and companions. And a dog with better focus is more able to learn new things. Check out our list of training programs recommended by expert trainers from across the country.

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Case Summaries

Thousands of trainers are using ThunderShirts as an integral part of different training programs. These Case Summaries, submitted by trainers, illustrate specific examples of a ThunderShirt helping with a client’s dog.

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